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What we Localize



Projecting a local vibe when you’ve got a global audience may feel like an impossible task, but with our website connectors and integrations, our translation agency can make that dream a reality.

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Mobile Apps

Maximize your global visibility and multiply downloads through innovative localization services tailored to target markets. 



Take your software to a global audience, but make it feel local. We go beyond translation services, adapting your programs culturally so you can succeed in new markets.

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Take your brand to market with flawless audio. We’ve recorded thousands of hours — with our translation firm, our practice makes your products perfect.

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Deliver precise translations of high-volume documents quickly and cost-effectively with Andovar’s accurate, AI-driven document localization services.

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Knowledge knows no borders, and neither should sharing it. Localize your online educational programs in any language and in any country with our expert teams.

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There are now over 2.5 billion active video gamers around the world. But are they playing your games? Globalize your audience by localizing your games.

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Marketing Content

Create customized experiences for audiences around the world with localized marketing and communications messages.

Localization Services

Andovar offers a comprehensive range of translation services spanning text, audio and visual platforms — delivered via innovative technologies.



Translation is at the core of all our services. Innovative major brands rely on our localization services to make their websites, apps and media come to life across the globe.

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Layout/ Media

Leveraging a host of proven language technology tools and localization processes, our veteran project managers focus on quality to ensure your satisfaction.

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Take your brand to market with flawless audio. We’ve recorded thousands of hours — our practice makes your products perfect.



The more people who can access your content, the greater your reach. Maximize impact and accessibility with subtitles or captions in any language.

What our clients say

"The quality of the work is excellent and the option for languages and voice over are extensive. Andovar's localization services has allowed us to expand our training and meet new demand." E2Open
" The working team has always been responsive and have provided high quality work time and time again" Hogarth Worldwide
" Good communication, timely delivery, good localization company" Nielsen

Why Us?

We're the translation partner for centralized, turnkey translation management of text and audio-based content.


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Trusted by Global Brands

Over the past decade our translation firm has had the privilege of working with some of the world's most influential brands.

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